Twenty’s plenty to get you into shape physically, mentally and emotionally.  I can get you the lifestyle you desire and feeling 20 years younger, in only 20 minutes a day.

Garth is qualified in coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and clinical hypnotherapy.  He has been a key note speaker at events covering subjects such as Personal Safety for Women, Confidence and body language, Lifestyle, Stress management, Wellbeing and has been featured in the London Evening Standard and various other publications for getting a journalist from fat to fit in 8 weeks.

His workshops on Safety Awareness and Confident Life Skills have been implemented across a wide spectrum of organisations including Astra Zeneca, Diageo, BP, Sony, Anglo American, BAE Systems, ICI and many London advertising agencies.  He has been a personal trainer, kickboxing instructor and nutritionist with a large and successful client base around Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair, Knightsbridge and ultimately a “Lifestyle Management” practice in Paddington.

You might have seen Garth on BBC television’s Boomtown series, The Chrissy B Show or on Sky News.

He’s had plenty of ups in his life, and all the associated benefits – A high-powered career, a beautiful wife, two gorgeous kids, a wonderful home, his and her cars and motorbikes, exotic holidays. Overall a very comfortable life.

He’s also hit the skids too – redundancy, financial disaster, divorce and despair.  He knows the challenges of both ends of the spectrum.  He’s always been into fitness and discovered that exercise helped him to weather the stormier times, giving him the energy to take action. Garth is his own living testimonial when it comes to reinventing yourself and finding your purpose.  Some people seem to have a natural charm, confidence and people skills, but interpersonal skills can be taught and enhanced with The Lifestyle Guy.

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